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Promo Full Detail Special (2-3 hours)
7% Sales Tax Due On Location For Any Voucher Holders 
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Step 1 (Exterior Detailing Process)
Pre-Soak Vehicle, Bug & Tar Remover, Degrease Rims & Wheel Wells
Then Cover Entire Vehicle w/ SNOW FOAM Pro-Blend Hi-Gloss & Wax Soap Prior To Washing
End With Rinse, Prep For Waxing

FloorMats Removed, Drill Brushed, Degreased, Pressure Washed, Vacuumed, & Hung

Step 2 (Exterior)

Dual Action Machine Apply Wax Infused W/Sealant
Tire Shine For Wheels
Completely Remove Wax
Spray Wax Touch-Up If Needed

Need Scratches Removed? Ask For Estimate.
Step 3 (Interior Tornador)
<==TORNADOR Entire Interior To , Release Grime and Disinfect Vehicle. Entire Dash, Seats, Console Area, Cupholders, Armrest, Door Panels, Vents, JAMS, Crevices, All Cleaned
Then..... Interior Vacuum.
(Click Pic 4 Video)
Step 4 (Interior Steam & Shampoo Process)
Shampoo & Disinfectant Carpet Using the VX5000 Commercial Steam Cleaner (295 Degrees) and/or the Mytee Lite II 8070-A Hot Water (210 degrees) Extraction Machine That Leaves The Carpet Looking Incredible as well as disinfected. (Seats Not Included, will only receive thorough wipe down) (DO NOT HESITATE TO PURCHASE STEAMING AND SHAMPOO FOR Soiled Leather and/or Upholstery SEATS!!!! PRICE VARIES)
Step 5 (Interior)
Finish Interior w/Meguiars Protectant and Leather Long-Lasting Shine For All Plastic & Leather Interior Surfaces, Clean Windows and Tips & Apply Fragrance To Interior Along With Plastic FloorMats 
Step 6 (Interior & Exterior)
Inspect Entire Vehicle for Quality Assurance
Promotional Full Detail
Car/Sedan (Seats Included)
Price: $160.00
Promotional Full Detail
Vans/SUV's (Seats Incuded)
Price: $185.00
Mileage Charge From Lindenwold,NJ
Price: $20.00
Excessive Pet Hair
Excessive PET HAIR of any sort greatly increases the time it takes for any detail, and therefore will be assessed (In Person) accordingly $10-$25Max.
Price: $10.00
Upholstery Re-Conditioning
Your upholstery can become extremely dirty over time even without spills if not properly taken care of. The seats will be steam cleaned to loosen up dirt, disinfect and prepare the seats for a Hot Water (210 Degrees) Extraction by the MYTEE LITE II 8070 to remove all grime leaving seats NEW.
Price: $15.00
Engine Bay Detail
Deep Steam Cleansing and Tornador of the engine area by releasing dirt and grime then giving all plastic parts a natural shine similar to the interior dash, etc. Strongly recommended for show cars, collector cars, and/or cars for sale. Will also help the vehicle to perform better.
Price: $40.00
Leather Re-Conditioning
Your leather must be taken care of, properly cleaned, and replenished with the proper oils in order to stay durable and avoid fading or cracking. Leather interior should never be neglected, if so, it will look less attractive along with decreasing the value of the vehicle.
Price: $15.00
Headlight Restoration
"Older" vehicles or those with excessive mileage usually form a cloudy film (Sun Fading) around the headlights which hurts the vehicles looks along with decreasing light strength at night time. No need to replace old headlights, save money and restore.
Price: $50.00
Hi-Speed 3 Stage Paint Correction
Recommended that some "older" vehicles opt for the Porter Cable Dual-Action Polisher w/ ClayBar, Compound, Polish, and Wax to remove that dull top coat, improving paint & wax strength along with a deeper shine through rough seasons both hot and cold.
Price: $100.00